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Regarding his wife Britta, who runs the idyllic wine tavern “Brunnenterrasse” in the summertime, he organizes events at the vineyard including the Christmas Market. During this time period, he set the road for the future development of the estate, increased the vineyard area, and invested in the cellar equipment. Through the marriage between Werner Anselmann and Inge Schreiner, two estates steeped in tradition were joined beneath the name “Werner Anselmann Vineyard”.

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Our inherited knowledge and the experience of our long-serving employees are enriched by innovative ideas and the university education of the Anselmann siblings. From dry to noble sweetness, from quality wine to Eiswein, from young, fruity white to barrique-matured, powerful red, there is something for each and every taste and every occasion. Today red and white wine grapes are grown in equal proportions on about 100 hectares of land.

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In this delightful countryside on the outskirts of the old wine growing community of Edesheim lies our winery, the Weingut Werner Anselmann. In this capacity he tasted wines at international wine competitions in over 20 countries.

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Throughout its long history, spanning 26 generations, the household has always personally managed the business making innovative, sometimes courageous choices, always with unwavering respect for tradition and the land. That is demonstrated by the high awards and honours from national and international competitions. The effect is high quality and palatable wines of international standard.

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2010 Federal Prize of Honour in Gold/ Wine Maker of the entire year 2010 This prize ist awarded for special achievement at the wine and sparkling wine competition of the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Agriculture. 3.12.2010 At a Gala Evening the Weingut Werner Anselmann was awarded a 2010 State Prize of Honour of hawaii Government of Rhineland-Palatinate. We could answer you in English, French, Spanish and of course German.

ralf gerd anselmann

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