Wedge Pillow for Acid Reflux, GERD and Heartburn

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acid reflux incline pillow

Individuals with chronic sinus congestion often find that a wedge pillow helps promote mucus drainage at night. The tallest wedge pillows stand about 15 inches high. These pillows are generally not considered effective for treating acid reflux or other medical conditions.

Sleeping on the right side is also another factor that contributes to acid reflux. When you sleep on your right side, it relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter muscle, which tightens to prevent acid reflux. The loosening of these muscles increases the chances of acid reflux. Sleeping on the right side has also been found generally disruptive to sleep quality.

It features “wings” that people can use when they sleep on their side. for a complete line of feeding and sleeping wedges as well as other products handpicked to help acid reflux in babies. We have received immeasurable feedback over the last few years that even babies without acid reflux spit up less and have fewer incidences of colic and discomfort during feedings when using a reflux nursing wedge.

There are quite a few ways to elevate your head while you lay down, including stacking up the pillows and elevating the head of the bed. However, if you elevate your head simply by stacking a few pillows, you are creating excessive strain on your neck and spine, as well as creating pressure on your abdomen and aggravating acid reflux symptoms. Unfortunately, that is the way most people are used to elevating their head, but it isn’t of much use.

Compares to getting the mattress raised without the accompanying hassle. I can put the wedge away to get back my flat bed for sleeping. with the bed wedge I can now have a good nights sleep, and very rarey wake up with reflux. No pain.

It has a high density design to provide orthopaedic support, while being strong enough to support the top layer of memory foam and maintaining the wedge’s 15° angle. This pared-down version does not come with the therapeutic body pillow, which provides extra support. It is also still on the expensive end and may not be ideal for traveling due to its size and irregular shape. There is also no warranty specified, although it may be indicated in the packaging. Perhaps the most obvious con is that this an expensive elevation system; if it ends up not working for you, it may be over $300 down the drain.

  • While it’s not a lot i does give you more leeway.
  • This wedge pillow has a more slight incline but also includes a bonus neck roll for no extra cost.
  • Customers are praising this wedge pillow.
  • Your body will never develop an immunity to gravity, so the wedge pillow is a viable, natural, and long-term solution with virtually zero side effects – in fact, it may improve your quality of life in more ways than one.

Microfiber is extremely breathable, soft, and easy to clean. Wedge pillows are typically made of polyurethane foam or memory foam. It has everything you want in a wedge pillow – comfort, features, and a value price. In a separate 2005 survey of 1,900 people with GERD in the U.S. and Europe, 55% said they had trouble sleeping at night.

Can also be used to raise the feet to relieve swollen ankles, tired feet or aching legs associated with varicose veins. GRADUAL INCLINE raises you off the bed at the perfect angle, eliminating the need for several bulky pillows. SLEEP WEDGE PILLOW. HYPOALLERGENIC MATERIALS aid in ensuring you get a restful sleep, free from extra allergens. Wedge pillows are triangular, unlike the ordinary pillows.

Study participants slept on the pillow every night for two weeks. Those involved answered questions about their symptoms both before and after the study. Available in multiple sizes, the Drive Medical Folding Bed Wedge is offered in a 7 to 12 inch height to fit the needs of your affliction and body type. Made for back sleepers, this wedge can fold for storage or other body support uses.

Some wedge pillow models are offered in multiple sizes. Also determine if you want the pillow to rest beneath your shoulders, neck, and head, or just the head and part of the neck. The vast majority of wedge pillows are made from dense memory foam for sturdy, long-lasting support. They are longer and wider than standard sleeping pillows, and also tend to be heavier in order to prevent slippage during the night.

It is believed that the acids cause spasms in the voice box, blocking the airways and preventing air from flowing into the lungs. Acid reflux or GERD is notorious for disrupting sleep quality. The heartburn, pain, and discomfort can keep you up for several nights if the problem persists. As a result, you are weary, sleepy, tired, and unable to feel comfortable because of the dyspepsia.

acid reflux incline pillow

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