Uranium Mining in Eastern Germany: The WISMUT Legacy

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The dispensing device and FIBC can either be an integral unit or two components releasably fixed to one another. The dispensing assembly further includes a fixing device that is preferably a strap or band like member which fixes the container portion against the clamping casing.

In one case, radioactivity of the polluted rock material, a wide spectrum of pollutants and a high pollutant level necessitated adapted solutions. (orig.) [German] Risiken in unserer modernen Gesellschaft werden sehr unterschiedlich bewertet.

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Full Text Available Abstract The correspondence between Alexander von Humboldt und Karl Kreil was voluminous, it concerned earth magnetism. strategische (Neu-Verortung könnte wesentlich dazu beitragen, dass die Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler die Hochschulbibliothek (wieder als wichtige Dienstleistungseinrichtung wahrnehmen. Da hiernach bei den relativ niedrigen Pegeln des Umweltlaerms keine weitergehenden gesundheitlichen Beeintraechtigungen zu erwarten sind, andererseits aber empirische Befunde fuer die Existenz langfristiger laermbedingter Gesundheitsgefahren sprechen, ist ein (orig.) [German] Bruchmechanische Bewertungskonzepte werden international in zunehmendem Masse Bestandteil industrieller Regelwerke und Fachbereichsstandards. Die hierbei konstatierten Defizite führen zur systematischen Verortung von anzugehenden Forschungsbereichen.Student diversity, resulting from an increasing pluralism of cultures within society, is a major challenge for teachers’ professional action.

material can be confined this way, or whether contaminants will spread with groundwater. The intention was to stop further oxidation of the pyrite contained in the material, and After the planned flooding of the pit, this material will be below Soon after the termination of uranium mining, Wismut started flooding of the deepest parts of its Another problem is the access to environmental data gathered about the aftermath of uranium mining.

Once this fluidized state is reached or during the reaching of this state, particles are drawn through opening 30, through tube 20 and through transport line 98 under the suction action produced by unit 150 and eventually to downstream unit 152. Then, tube 28 with its head 34′ is shifted with respect to clamping casing 62 which remains essentially stationary with respect to the FIBC. Before the tube is moved between the first and second positions, cord drawing device 146 is activated to release the area blocked by cord. This grounding device can be supplemental with a grounding device in transport line 98. To help protect against the creation of sparks during the movement of the fine particles, a grounding device can be provided to tube 28 as exemplified by reference number 154.

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In the second position air is ejected out of the ports to place particles 156 in a fluidized state above opening 30. This shifting of tube 28 can be achieved by having an operator lift up on the lower end of tube 28 (either while air is being injected through ports 50′ and 52′ or prior to introducing pressurized air to cavity 40). The fixing device 136 can also be the inflatable fixing and sealing member alone and without an exterior strap member. 6 illustrates fine particles 156 positioned in sloped bottom 135 of FIBC 128 and precluded from exiting due to cord device 146.

The front portion of transport tube 28 has internal conduit 32 which opens out at open front end 30. 1A and 1B show front and rear sections (24,26) of dispensing device 22 which forms a component of dispensing assembly 20.

A dispensing assembly as recited in claim 1 further comprising a seal member positioned between said clamping casing and transport tube. A dispensing assembly as recited in claim 17 wherein said outlet tube has a diameter which is within 3 cm of an exterior diameter of said clamping casing. a clamping casing which extends about said tube, and said transport tube being axially adjustable with respect to said clamping casing between a first position and a second position with said first position placing said clamping casing closer to said head piece than said second position, and a head piece positioned at the forward region of said transport tube, said head piece including a chamber housing defining a gas receipt chamber, and a plurality of gas outlet ports formed in said chamber housing; (orig.) [German] Die Kryodestruktion von Gewebe ist abhaengig von den Abkuehl- und Taugeschwindigkeiten, von der absoluten Gewebetemperatur, der Anzahl der Gefrier-Tau-Zyklen sowie vom Gewebetyp.

This combination of sticking particles, trapped particles and the inability of conventional dispensing devices to adequately reach the retained particles presents an additional problem in the industry of loss of product. The grate or screen is surrounded by a flanged partial enclosure with heavy reliance being placed on the suction from the suction source to avoid the spread of material into the environment which is often not completely effective in this regard. Many conventional emptying techniques place the outlet of the nozzle just above a grate or screen or the like representing an upstream opening of a suction source. The base of the integrated outlet nozzle is provided with the pinching draw cord seal which is released at the desired discharge time.

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