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These antitussives act directly on the cough center in the brain. Narcotics may become habit-forming, causing mental or physical dependence, if used for a long time. Physical dependence may lead to withdrawal side effects when you stop taking the medicine. Cough/cold combination products contain more than one ingredient. For example, some products may contain an antihistamine, a decongestant, and an analgesic, in addition to a medicine for coughing.

Side Effects

You may have SIBO or other issues – again, I dont know. Check with your doctor.

I highly recommend that you work with a functional medicine clinician to be a part of your own health care team. It’s an entire medical specialty dedicated to finding and treating underlying root causes and prevent serious chronic disease rather than treating individual disease symptoms. So desperate to see results and hoping your protocols are the answer!! Have you seen patients have issues with thyroid when taking Trazadone?? I’ve noticed my symptoms have gotten progressively worse since my initial diagnosis (1 year ago) but that is also the same time I was put on trazadone.

I guess the pharmacist is the one to ask! Oh and Effexor/venfalaxine and amphetamines can be taken together beautifully at least for me been on that combo successfully for years. Thx for this article. And Netflix ‘s Take Your Pills – SUCKS and should not be taken as the truth I had to watch it in secret (not with kids around) as my 8 year old was diagnosed this year and takes concerta and I smelled the documentary’s ignorant agenda from the title – it lumps real adhd patients in with recreational stimulant abusers and college performance enhancer abusers and suggests that ALL just take the pills as unfair advantage and everyone’s overmedicated and adhd is over diagnosed over treated.

These individuals are called “ultra-rapid metabolizers of codeine”. If a nursing mother is an ultra-rapid metabolizer of codeine, it could lead to a morphine overdose in the nursing baby and cause very serious side effects. A nursing mother should talk to her doctor if she has any questions about taking codeine or about how this medicine may affect her baby .

My reproductive endocrinoligist has prescribed FABB tabs which are 2.2 mg folic, 25 mg b6 and 1 mg b12. But these are the synthetic forms of these b vitamins and everything I’ve read says that mthfr people can’t absorb these vitamins and need the”methyl” versions of them. So I went to a vitamin store and bought methylcobalamin&5-methlyteyrahydrofolate. My question is, do I take the same dosages as those which we’re in the synthetic tabs, or do I reduce the dose since my body will be able to use them correctly?

As amphetamine degrades over time, it gives off a smell because of a compound containing acetone in its chemical structure, perhaps along with other compounds. If you are to compare one batch with another, I’m under the impression that effectiveness is correlated with freshness only. Your next political endeavor should be to make expiration dates printed on Rx bottles relevant to the time the drug was created rather than when it was sold to a patient.

  • I recently found out I am heterozygous A1289C.
  • Check with your doctor.
  • A nursing mother should talk to her doctor if she has any questions about taking codeine or about how this medicine may affect her baby .
  • T and I understand this (Niacinamide ) could affect seriously the methylation process.
  • My Dr. is now asking me to take TMG since I am so sensitive to the methylated supplements.
  • These antitussives act directly on the cough center in the brain.

And guess what? Acid-suppressing medications made the symptoms worse and did nothing to remove the underlying root cause (in my case, my food sensitivity to dairy). Even more important, my research pointed out that the issue for people having Hashimoto’s wasn’t their having too much acid! The reality is that most people with Hashimoto’s have too little or even no stomach acid.

I look forward to your insights. Interstitial cystitis is complex but a functional medicine doctor can check your gut health and food allergies to see if there are any triggers for IC. Hello, I have a few questions on this I’m hoping you can give some insight on. I have pernicious anemia, and though I haven’t been tested for the Mthfr mutation (yet), it’s been found in my daughter. She has both sets of the mutation.

Some have been found to destroy thyroid cells and tissue, impact natural thyroid hormone production and even affect the immune processes of the thyroid gland. Other medications have been found to trigger Hashimoto’s. After working with thousands of clients, I have found that one common “hidden” trigger that may elude many people is the other medications they may take for non-thyroid conditions.

Discuss with your healthcare professional the use of your medicine with food, alcohol, or tobacco. Antihistamines-Small amounts of antihistamines pass into the breast milk.

Type 2 DiabetesType 2 diabetes is a chronic condition that may be reversible with diet and lifestyle changes. Symptoms include excessive thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, fatigue, and an unusual odor to your urine.

I am terrible sore. My musles ache in my back and neck. My neck hurts so bad that I can barely move it.

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