Living With IBS and GERD

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Having one of these conditions can be bad enough, but many people have to deal with both. I have read all of your posts and learned a lot. I am a mom to a very sick 14 yo boy. His symptoms started very suddenly in November of 2015….vomiting and diarrhea. I thought it was a stomach virus.

I never had a college education, so it was not easy to find a job, so I decided after filing for bankruptcy, I would need to return to school, and get some type of degree. I have been completing prerequisites for the nursing program at the community college in my home town. I decided to become a nurse, because I want to be able to help others. I do have times when I feel like giving up, because each time I have to give myself another enema, it is a constant reminder of my dilemma. I keep pushing forward, and hope to be a successful nurse in the new future.

Two years ago I started removing all of the carpeting and fiberglass from my current house. I also replaced all of my cloth furniture. All of my symptoms went away several months after improving the air quality in my home. It has been over a year now without any signs of IBS or Crohn’s. I am convinced that Man Made Mineral Fibers in the air were the cause of my health problems.

Whether this increase in frequency of extra intestinal symptoms reflects a systemic underlying disease with different manifestations in different organs or shows psychosomatic disorder is not clear. Here we investigated the frequency of two extra-intestinal symptoms, headache and low back pain in patients with IBS, GERD and GERD + IBS. Results showed that the frequency of these symptoms was significantly higher in patients with both GERD and IBS compared to patients with GERD or IBS alone. This finding might suggest that these diseases may have similar underlying pathophysiology, but they differ in severity. Thus, patients with a severe disorder are more likely to suffer from both IBS and GERD and also extra-intestinal symptoms.

I finally sought professional treatment after suffering daily symptoms while on deployment in Iraq. Apparently the increased stress I was experiencing was taking its toll on my intestines. I was put on a mild antidepressant and a stool softener. Both helped within a week.

IBS-D (IBS with Diarrhea) Symptoms and Signs

The fodmap isn’t what I’m following, I just simply learned what upsets my stomach. Any artificial sweeteners are the worst.

The interesting fact was that the painkiller could upset the stomach. Therefore, I chose not to take it. I let the pain subside naturally.

Jan 2016, he was scoped by the Gastro and said negative for H. Pylori and there were no other concerns except she said he had Gastritis and that he appeared to have bruising inside his intestines she thought from all the vomiting.

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