How Low Stomach Acid Affects Diet and Fitness

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Hi there I get alot of burping and when I eat I get stomach acid reflex allso I have constpation and doc said I got ibs. I have LPR, straight up (oops, a pun). Am I low or high acid? It seems GERD is pretty easily answered but LPR is quite different and never seems to be addressed, just glossed over. Your points are pretty generalized.


When excess stomach acid goes untreated, it can lead to ulcers. Diet plays a big role in controlling stomach acid too. There are certain foods that cause more acid and others that are better tolerated. Here’s a look at what causes excess stomach acid, starting with food. I was brought up in a family where food had been used to ‘soothe’ and unlearnt the true feeling of hunger over time.

Thank you for your help and for educating us on the truth. I expect that within the next week I will be balanced out and will no longer have to be scared of chocolate…though I will avoid being overindulgent of things that are not good for me. You can test to see if your stomach acid is too high or too low. Stomach acid or hydrochloric acid (HCl), is a very powerful digestive agent, and much more important than you realize. It’s important to know if you are suffering from high or low stomach acid because the nutritional support is different.

If the stomach is stretched a lot – for instance after a large meal – the sphincter (circular muscle) at the entrance to the stomach might temporarily loosen. Gas or stomach contents might leak up into the food pipe as a result. The sphincter may also sometimes open for no apparent reason. The digestive fluid in the stomach contents irritates the lining of the food pipe, and that is felt as heartburn. If stomach juices stay on the lining of the food pipe for some time, the food pipe might become inflamed and painful.

A simple but overlooked tip to improve stomach acid levels and digestion is to thoroughly chew your food. Digestion begins at your mouth. Racing through your meals can affect how your body digests your food. Treating low stomach acid depends on the underlying cause. If you’ve been prescribed antacid medication for your heartburn symptoms, your doctor may change your prescription to avoid triggering hypochlorhydria symptoms.

My husband named Rakesh having continuous stomach ache since 8 days along with Full body pains I don’t know what to do He is not willing to go to hospital

low stomach acid and constant hunger pain

  • Raw apple cider vinegar (ACV) is my go-to natural remedy for boosting low stomach acid levels.
  • Today had upper G I, he said everything was great all things were running smooth and no problems.
  • I switched back to a bland diet and began taking DGL, Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root for a couple of months.
  • In addition, a subset of patients have altered intragastric distribution of food, which reflects abnormal proximal gastric relaxation (a “stiff” fundus).
  • Hypochlorhydria or Low stomach acid is the primary cause of acid reflux disease and GERD.
  • Insufficient stomach acid leads to a host of conditions that encourage the increase in intra-abdominal pressure (IAP).

To review, the symptoms of GERD are from stomach acid splashing backwards into the esophagus and dyspepsia is from too much acid accumulating in the stomach. This is an extremely important point because slowed emptying of the stomach triggers the single most common mimic of hunger, an excessive accumulation of stomach acid known as dyspepsia. Our esophagus pushes food into the stomach, the stomach pushes stomach acid and partially digested food into the small intestine, the small intestine absorbs ours nutrients and pushes the non-absorbable material (fiber) into the colon and the colon pushes material to the rectum. Stomach acid is required to assist in digesting food, killing potentially harmful bacterial and is also helpful in activating various digestive enzymes.

Eat bananas

About 4 years ago I went to my doctor because I was experiencing the feeling that something was caught in my throat. He immediately sent me for a gastroscopy and it turned out that I have a small area of inflammation in my oesophagus and diagnosed me with Barretts Syndrome (which I was told is pre-cancerous cells). I was put on Omeprazole PPIs but they started to make me belch frequently. I wasn’t convinced that I had too much stomach acid because I wasn’t getting any heartburn or belching before I went to the doctor – I only had the ‘lump in my throat’ feeling plus I am constantly clearing my throat (hawking is it called?).

I was 23 when this started went to the doc and it was an ulcer hey went to a new gastro doc they put me on stomach medicine. I quit throwing up daily but still had bad stomach pains. Seen a new doc on stomach pains said it was mainly nerves and poor food so he sent me to another specialist. The specalists doubles purple pills adds sleeping pills to counteract nerve pills and a muscle relaxer to slow my stomach down. Fixed right you would think but stomach still has burning lava an insastionable appetite, loss of vision ;hard to catch my breath sometimes and cramping hands with energy levels up and down.

I seem to get a really bad flare up at least every month, but mild flares week to week. This makes me so miserable, as after a bad attack it can take me a week to recover. Recently I have had lots and lots of aches and pains in different parts of my body and some days haven’t even able to get out of bed because of the pain.

Some people do take antacids to help fight the symptoms, but it is important to know that chronic antacid use can cause side effects. Bloating, belching, and flatulence are common in people who are experiencing mild symptoms of excess stomach acid. However, these signs can occur just prior to acid reflux. Because stomach acid is actually corrosive, it is important to treat this symptom so that it does not damage the esophagus.

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