Heartburn and acid reflux

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What Is Acid Reflux and What Are the Symptoms?

The following steps may reduce reflux. Although many people can relieve their reflux disease symptoms by changes in their habits, diet, and lifestyle, others need to consult their health-care professional.

Sore throats often require no antibiotics

You’ll usually be given enough medication to last a month. Go back to your GP if they don’t help or your symptoms return after treatment finishes. Some people need to take PPIs on a long-term basis.

cure heartburn and acid reflux
cure heartburn and acid reflux

5. Green Vegetables. If you like green vegetables and have acid reflux, you’re in luck.

It is a symptom of a digestive system problem. Lifestyle changes and over-the-counter medications are used to treat and prevent heartburn.

Guard your gastrointestinal health with reliable medical information. If heartburn is severe or the pain is accompanied with additional symptoms such as shortness of breath, radiation into your arms or neck, you will need to see a doctor to distinguish these symptoms from more serious medical conditions such as a heart attack. Heartburn is more common during pregnancy. Most people get heartburn after meals, but can also awaken people while they are sleeping. People also may experience heartburn after eating specific foods or drinking certain beverages.

Is Chewing Gum an Effective Way to Get Heartburn Relief?

This, in turn, can lead to progressively more serious asthma. Also, this irritation can trigger allergic reactions and make the airways more sensitive to environmental conditions such as smoke or cold air.

It can cause inflammation and strictures in your esophagus. In rare cases, it may even lead to cancer.

Patients have also been advised to make lifestyle changes, such as staying away from alcohol, cigarettes and certain types of food, such as coffee, chocolate, citrus fruits and fatty or spicy foods. But there is little research to support this advice. GERD is often treated with medicines that make the contents of the stomach less acidic, which can eliminate or reduce the problem.

cure heartburn and acid reflux

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