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It just might have been his last, and it’s pretty revealing. I’m trying to see if I can post the full unexpurgated interview I did in December at MSN. Best record out of the four 2012 releases I’ve heard thus far. I’m loving the new Woods of Ypres record, and it makes me angry that this is the last work we’ll have from David Gold.

i don’t have time to listen to samples from 150 records. I love the raw sound on the new Converge, and the songs have a better sequencing too which really helps. Yeah I mean, Swans is probably “loudest band ever” if your usual concert-going consists of Joanna Newsom or whatever. really great show, but i don’t know why people so overstate the volume of their live set. Never heard of Bound By Entrails, but I have a general distaste for black metal, so I’m likely to avoid them in any case.

And I was pretty excited to listen to the Lyriel, but my Internet crapped out in the middle of the download and I can’t download it again. Though I think several of these will have a tough time making it high on an end of year list. It’s more abrasive than a lot of what I listen to these days, but it’s really good. Having Sanford Parker produce really brought out the heaviness of their live sound, plus the songs are ace. They haven’t changed their style much – they’re still Gojira – but the more young, idea-less djent bands I listen to, the more brilliant these guys sound.

I’m actually really surprised at the reception the Woods of Ypres album has been getting. It’s really wrong that good metal can’t make you impervious to car accidents.

I’ve only heard one song (“People”) but it’s great and I have my hopes up for the record as a whole. That’s a band where I can find at least two or three songs on each album that I love, even though I don’t think they’re necessarily a great band. Ha ha, that’s dedication to wanting to like a band – I usually only make it through a song or two of stuff I don’t like. I mean, that new Oxygen album is really good in a throwback hard-rock/metal way.

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Last 4 band bill kicked off at 8; no sign of openers on this 4 band show. I mean, obviously people who get the vinyl are into what you would put on those rolling papers, but it seems weird to me to have a branded consumable like that as a bonus. would be cool if the scion detroit techno stuff is also happening because of this one exec. Yeah, but that’s the equivalent of a small child yelling “Don’t look at me!” at the top of its lungs. Yeah, except even when I was 24 and getting my first pieces published, I never believed in the idea of “selling out” or used that phrase in my work.

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I think the question should be what is the what band you like has the worst name. It’s like they took the least exciting aspects of death, thrash, and hardcore and welded them together into a competently executed, thoroughly uninteresting package. Man, my local shop is usually really good abotu stocking Profound Lore stuff, but the new Dawnbringer isn’t even showing up on their release calendar and they haven’t seen any copies yet.

Yeah, Roadrunner UK has been shut down, and rumours are rampant that the same goes for Roadrunner Europe too. Their US tour kicks off tomorrow, and I can’t go (show’s in Brooklyn) but I really want a T-shirt.

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Great line up coming up tonight in Oslo: Beaten To Death, Arabrot, Necromantheon, Mayhem and then Lindstrom. Otherwise, have been totally immersing myself in Small Stone Records stuff from the past few years.

I had conversations with 6 other UK people this weekend who would have bought 40cd bundles but didn’t because of Hydrahead’s ridiculous postage. Always seemed like super talented musicians playing music I have no means of engaging with. I’ve taken to this Dysrhythmia album more than any of their past work. “Progressive extreme metal” is how metal-archives stamps them, and that’s about as specific as I could be. They came from that, sure, but like most of the comparison band I listed, they’re more into branches than roots now.

Why does this stuff go down whenever I go away for the weekend? I have no issue with you at all so please do watch the “fuck you” stuff. I need people spreading shit about me like this like I need a hole in the fucking head.

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It’s always far easier for me to make a list of the top 50 shows I saw this year. Is there some kinda poll/cheat sheet with the top 200 metal albums of 2012 I can look at?

That new column, as well as all their other full-length metal reviews, are well worth reading. Re: PopMatters, they have a couple of really talented writers handling the bulk of metal now. The Serpentine Path is really good too, but isn’t hitting me as hard as Menace. Oooh, can’t wait to hear – love me some Machine Head, even if my interview with Mr. Exciting news coming from them – and no, I don’t mean the tour that was announced today.

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