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I am not sure if taking HCL supplement helps. Drs. said no, but offer no alternatives. Like a lots of other chronic conditions, this condition seems to be ignored by medical world, as it’s “not immediately life threatening”. I started the PPIs on Friday, DEC 18 (18 days ago).

Your physician can also help you manage your medications and choose the best course of treatment if medications such as PPIs are causing symptoms of low stomach acid. If an underlying medical condition is the cause of low stomach acid, your physician can help you manage the condition and its symptoms.

Not once did I know low stomach acid could have been the culprit. From that point on I have had lowered immunity, have fibro, chronic fatigue, etc, etc. This morning I did the acid test, ten minutes after the baking soda, still nothing.

Following the precise guidelines listed on over the counter or prescription treatments for excess acid is extremely important. Don’t lay down after eating. Laying down after a meal can exacerbate the symptoms of GERD. Wait 2 hours after a meal before lying down or going to sleep.

But it opens from time to time, to let air out in the form of belching. Reflux mostly happens when the valve relaxes too much, or too often. It allows not only gas but also gastric acid to move up, causing the discomfort.

Or even pribiotics. My stomach gets duper bloated and I am so fat now. Before having h pylori my digestion was normal. I was skinny.

Surgical Treatments for GERD

  • I agree that I myself am disappointed with doctors approach or lack of any.
  • But the reverse is true.
  • Stomach acid also acts as the first line of defense against foreign “friends” that get in through our food (bacteria and parasites).

The vicious cycle of low stomach acid affects your inner ecosystem too. Low stomach acid can lead to more bad guys (pathogenic bacteria, candida and viruses) than good guys (healthy microflora), thus lowering your immunity. Treatment that further neutralizes stomach acid can make your digestion worse.

high stomach acid vs low

What leads to bile reflux?

This was a great site thanks to all. Oh yes and had the C T scan, found nothing. Curing a disease means eliminating its cause. When a disease is cured, the symptoms don’t return once the treatment is removed. This of course is not the case with drugs for heartburn and GERD.

@Debbie – Yes, hair falling out could be the result of years upon years of low acid levels resulting in low nutrient status of the body. I’d suggest you check out Dr. Johnathon Wright’s Stomach Acid book. In the meantime, If your having acid reflux you can try some apple cider vingear to relieve it. And you should stop all foods that can trigger it, mainly all grains, starches, dairy and sugar.

high stomach acid vs low

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