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January 2004

So it comes as no surprise to German speakers that the dog takes off running every time. Ricky Ricardo’s Spanish rants about Lucy/at Lucy/about Lucy’s schemes on I Love Lucy were clearly implied to be colorful profanity, but Spanish speakers will know that most of what he said was fairly mild (“What is this woman thinking?”, etc), just said in an overly excited tone. In The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret , Todd makes up some sign language while speaking to a group of deaf people, who throw things at him in response.

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#31 Harold’s Chicken Shack (Chicago, Illinois)

It would also work well with GRRM’s love for Bastards, Cripples, and Broken Things. Thus far, Deny hasn’t resorted to all-out war, opting to use the Unsullied as a kind of police force and as bodyguards. She goes through the tunnel in the Castle Black wall and outside, sees a tent in the snow. I had been familiar with the sufragette movement (I love history), but while watching I was overwhelmed by gratitude for those women who put themselves in danger so that we shouldn’t be considered inferior. Thronetender: I think that’s one of the main reasons I admire the character of Jon so much, and detest Alliser Thorne.

cast iron stomach jokes tagalog

The lead singer was black (Hootie), the band was white (The Blowfish). It’s actually the correct pronunciation of the word “Hmong”, mountain-dwelling people inhabiting southeastern China and the northern parts of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. Vietnamese people that were relocated to America by the US government during and after the Vietnam War.

#66 Max’s Wines Dive (Austin, Texas)

Harry Potter: Lana calls Malory “Ron Measly” for being cheap, which is a play on the name of a character form the book and film series, Ron Weasley. RMS Titanic: Lana wonders if she walked into the Titanic as she enters the mansion’s exercise room followed by a crash, cut to the String quintet playing as a visual reference like the band of the Titanic that continued to play as the ship sank. Star Wars ( : When seeing the complex security system, Archer refers to Ray as Ain’t-2-D2 in reference to Archer’s belief that Ray can interface with electronic equipment like R2-D2. Bechdel test: Malory and Lana argue over Archer flirting with Veronica Deane, as well as Lana flirting with Ellis Crane.

The title of the episode is a nod to the fellow FX series Justified season 2 finale “Bloody Harlan,” which also had marijuana farmers in a shoot out with police, as well as the Harlan County War, colloquially Bloody Harlan, a series of coal mining-related skirmishes, executions, bombings, and strikes (both attempted and realized) that took place in Harlan County, Kentucky during the 1930s. Archer says that Ray’s story is eerily similar to the plot of 1973 film White Lightning starring Burt Reynolds. This is a possible reference to how the show has no set time period, since it borrows from many different ones. Malory talks about a man whom Mascalzone had gunned down, who had blue eyes, full lips, and thick black hair, who might have been Archer’s father. When Archer claims that his car makes “the Mach 5 look like a vagina”, he is referring to Speed Racer, an anime from the late 60s and the live action movie in 2008, which featured a racer and his car, the Mach 5, which was modified with several defensive measures such as twin saws in the front, jump jacks, a bulletproof shield over the cockpit, reinflatable tires, and others.

Then the other forms, undecided and veiled, took in their turn the last places without exchanging a word. The last French soldiers finally came across the Seine to reach the Audemer bridge through Saint-Sever and Bourg-Achard; and, marching behind, on foot, between two officers of ordnance, the General, in despair, unable to do anything with these incongruous tatters, himself lost in the breaking-up of a people accustomed to conquer, and disastrously beaten, in spite of his legendary bravery. That theme – that you mention here – that suffering binds people together, is woven throughout GoT.

This is both a reference to, and foreshadowing for the cocaine and the forthcoming troubles throughout the season. The symphonic song in the episode’s opening scene is the Ranz des Vaches from the William Tell Overture by Italian composer Gioachino Rossini. While on the way to Sealab, Lana says her cover name is Sojourner King.

A very dark skinned black person who is sweaty, making his skin slippery. Most likely originates with the Latin word “niger” which translates to “black”. Italian for “eggplant” – very dark black people have a purplish tint to their skin, so does eggplant. Reference to the motion picture “Roots”: A Mandinka warrior was a ‘Big Black Buck’.

cast iron stomach jokes tagalog

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