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3 letters (to and from) dated just one April 1941 – twelve April 1941 16 characters (to and from) went out with 22 May 1951 – 21 Feb. Juli 1942 and from the Eislers, Ernst Meyer and other people dated April 1949

Marta Feuchtwanger receiving the diploma of Doctor Honorus Litigio; conferred posthumously and another picture of Nelson Glueck, Marta Feuchtwanger with Eve(? ), silly picture in an even commemorating a present from Berlin to the Schoenberg Company Marta Feuchtwanger with Chairman of the Olympic Committee being provided 3 Gold Medals regarding Basketball 391278 Photos associated with Marta Feuchtwanger with Ina Wittich and others from Brecht Concert at the particular UCLA Schoenberg Hall 391252 Marta Feuchtwanger with Danish Consul General and his / her wife on the Birthday regarding the Danish Queen 391237

2 letters (to and from) dated eight June 1943-7 June 1944 2 letters (to in addition to from) dated 26 Summer 1957 – 1 This summer 1957 Photocopies of being unfaithful letters without originals contact form LF dated 23 04 1934 – 18 Marly. 34 letters (to in addition to from) dated 31 Jan 1942 – 18 May possibly 1958 Copies in file subsequent


Furthermore, the gathering includes supplies on the establishment regarding the Feuchtwanger The documents also contain Feuchtwanger’s considerable collection of autograph letters and the bookseller’s catalogs applied by Feuchtwanger and historic novels; manuscripts by other writers for example Charles Chaplin’s manuscript for Limelight; communication with

4 letters (to in addition to from) dated 11 Summer 1956 – 20 May 1958 7 letters (to and from) dated 15 May 1952 – 30 Dec. 24 letters (to and from) dated 18 May 1941 – 10 Nov. 23 letters (to and from) dated twenty-one March 1941 – 23 August 1964 2 telegrams dated 26 Jul.

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Marta Feuchtwanger in Independence Day Party by the Consulate General associated with Israel in Los Angeles, along with a personal letter 391242 Marta Feuchtwanger with the President of German Television (WDR) von Tell(? ), with a Reception in typically the Beverly Hilton Lion plus Marta Feuchtwanger with Carl Sandburg along with other friends within Los Angeles, November

An avid guide collector, Feuchtwanger acquired a new personal library reflecting his interests in different historical intervals An outspoken enemy of the Nazis, Feuchtwanger gone into exile in The southern area of France in 1933 plus emigrated to the United States

Lion and Marta Feuchtwanger together with painter Ernest van der Leydenin his studio within front of his painting 413947 Shots of Lion and Marta Feuchtwanger within the 1940s and 1955s 413934

4 characters (to and from) dated 14 March 1947 — 18 August 1947 just one article (missing 1/14/98) Spiel “Am Abend vorgestellt” fourteen March 1980 photocopied page to Brecht 1974 reprint of article (comments to be able to Joseph Roth) 1952 2 letters, 1 to LF, 1 to Hilda Waldo (no date) 2 papers and 1 postcard 6 letters (to and from) dated 23 Nov.

The Obvious Office, Private Bag X400, Pretoria, supplies copies regarding all patent and trade mark documents at the NECROSIS FACTOR, numbered 2009/03432, dated 19/05/2009 which grew to become void on 16/10/2010, owing to typically the

2003/08926, went out with 17/11/2003 which became gap on 16/04/2012, owing to be able to the non-payment in the recommended MINERAL SPIRAL CONCENTRATOR, designated 2003/05666, dated 22/07/2003 which usually became void upon Theoretical Explanations Thomas Beissinger, Joachim Moeller 2000 Please report this paper as: Beissinger, Thomas and Moeller, Joachim (2000), “Unemployment: Files

Abstract: Lion Feuchtwanger (1884-1958) was a celebrated German-Jewish author and outspoken enemy regarding the Nazis. 4 letters to LF dated just one Mai 1951 – twenty nine Nov. 1950 and seventeen June 1957 card in order to LF dated June 1957 1958 1 letter from LF to Ingeborg Wendt dated 10 Dec. 1946 (one re Brecht’s affidavit) letter to Vavilos through LF dated 17 Feb.


Marta Feuchtwanger Portraits at the Villa Auroa, also one with “Otto” USC employee 391214 Marta Feuchtwanger with Jordan Ravid, Consul General regarding Israel, attached is a personal note 391212 Marta Feuchtwanger with Consul Basic of Israel and his wife 391206 Photo regarding Marta Feuchtwanger with close friends on ship to New York? MF correspondence to writers to free LF from internment camp 171623

Votre vesque, Paul “Mapping the Other: Lion Feuchtwanger’s Topographies of the Orient 431955 von Hofe, Harold “Lion Feuchtwanger: his Major Works of fiction and the Archives” -Coranto 391522

1957 report re Gertrud Zeisl to Huntington Hartford Foundation by LF, 6 letters (to plus from) dated 24 This summer 1957 – 27 September 1957

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