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2. For stomach upset – making your own bone broth and drinking a nice big cup of bone broth in the morning can help your stomach quite a bit, as can making and drinking your own ginger tea. But if that’s too much work for you, you can simply use Bernard Jensen gelatin or Great Lakes gelatin, stirred into hot or cold water or coconut water, or mixed into a smoothie. As you’ve already learned, this stuff can help protect your stomach lining and limit gut damage, and you’re going to especially notice the digestive benefits the day after drinking.

I am excited to keep going on the diet. It’s my first step to healing. Thank you so much for the help you give to us through this. i took one 650ml betaine hcl with pepcin and felt great but the second day i took 2 so i can start finding the correct dose for me.

There are actually specific foods that enhance your gut or liver detoxification pathways, including beets, cranberries, sea vegetables, dandelions leaves, broccoli, flaxseed, lemons, garlic, artichoke, turmeric, and apples. Ultimately, you can fix your gut using many of the methods you’ve just learned about.

Ugh! I’ve been doing this for a year! My question is, how soon after I take HCL/P w/each protein meal should I feel the burning symptoms? 2nd question is what ARE the other symptoms one might have when they have reached their max. I’m afraid I will not feel any symptoms again bc I hadn’t in the past and 8 pills each meal is a lot for a 103lb body!

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And high-fiber foods tend to take longer to eat and to be less “energy dense,” which means they have fewer calories for the same volume of food. You should also be warned that when you embark on a detox or cleanse, you may experience gas, bloating, unpleasant body odor, rash, hives or other unpleasant symptoms. If this happens to you, be sure to drink plenty of pure, filtered water, which will help you to flush toxins and prevent re-absorption of these compounds. Completely eliminate all processed foods like chips, crackers, cookies and candy, cut out anything that is non-organic, including non-organic meats, eggs, packaged foods, etc., cut out central nervous system stimulants like caffeine and alcohol and simply eat clean, real food.

Still get the rumbles from time to time after eating but no gas, no runs, went from going to bathroom 6 times every morning to now 1 time per day, what a relief. 10 years of this crap. Anyways I am going to try your advice on the Betaine HCL great video.

4. Try following the BRAT diet.

Eventually the pain in my chest got better (after many months), but for 2 years, I have had pain in my stomach on a daily basis when cooking or after eating. I had an endoscopy, biopsies, and blood tests, and it turns out I burned my stomach lining taking HCL unnecessarily and now I’m on PPIs to allow it to heal. I think what WebMD mean is that it does not make your body produce more acid, but Betaine Hcl will increase your stomach acidity because it is itself acid. For example, PPI reduce acid because it blocks acid production at the biological level.

The two kinds of brands mainly contain the same compounds but the brand name is popular to the population. People usually purchase the name brands, available at pharmacies, because they are not aware of the generic brands unless prescribed by doctors.

  • (I read online to take mastic gum in the transition time, which I found out later that it is SCD illegal!).
  • I am asking because I haven’t been taking the HCL when I eat soup made from just bone broth and veggies, (no other protein added to it) but sometimes I get minor reflux, stomach gurgles, or gas.
  • While moderate indigestion is normal from high carbohydrate and high calorie intake, especially during long periods of exercise or racing, it is not normal to have the excessive mucus and coughing, itching, rash, sinus inflammation or headaches that dozens of folks have reported to me after a big workout or race – and these are all potential signs of a food intolerance.
  • Consult your doctor and don’t let your gut feeling literally rule you.
  • For example, foods such as meat, eggs, and beans consist of giant molecules of protein that must be digested by enzymes before they can be used to build and repair body tissues (15).
  • i was started having constant acid reflux in my esophagus and abdominal pain, bloating, gas, belching even lost my appetite – living off mainly of fruits and water as my diet, then started to develop symptoms of indigestion probably due to significant stress and PPI’s as the low level acid didn’t digest the food enough – tried going to the bathroom i couldn’t defecate at all – returned to my doctor dismissed my problems and referred me to a “specialist” i put this in quote because this old man was the worst oaf i have ever come across.

Sorry for so many questions in one post I’m just really excited at the prospect of finally getting off PPIs and feeling better. cheat and have a little on the side. Through trial and error I have been making my own yogurt and also to boost my probiotics.

The last 2 are soluble and work to slow down the passage of consumed food from the stomach to the intestines. If you have diarrhea, soluble fiber is your only option. If you experience severe symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and indigestion, you should first quit eating food for some time. Then you can start eating BRAT products in small amounts. Don’t forget to drink lots of liquids – preferably water, chicken broth, and apple juice.

Increase fiber in your diet gradually over a few weeks. This allows the natural bacteria in your digestive system to adjust to the change. Dietary fiber, also known as roughage or bulk, includes the parts of plant foods your body can’t digest or absorb. Unlike other food components, such as fats, proteins or carbohydrates – which your body breaks down and absorbs – fiber isn’t digested by your body. Instead, it passes relatively intact through your stomach, small intestine and colon and out of your body.

I am in a very rural part of the country, nearest dr. Or hospital is about 2 hrs away and with no health ins. It just isn’t a reality. My problem may be a little different. I am mostly follow a vegan diet sometimes an egg or fish if we eat with others. I also practice food combining (no protein with starch or carbs, no fats with protein, so on).

Finally, most alcoholic beverages contain something called congeners, which also significantly contribute to hangover symptoms. Congeners, which are found in especially high amounts in dark colored liquors like brandy, wine, dark tequila, and whiskey are comprised of free radicals and positively charged molecules that can significantly disrupt your acid-alkaline (pH) balance and increase your body’s need to step up antioxidant activity to scavenge all those free radicals. As your body goes into fight mode to help you handle the high levels of congeners from excess alcohol consumption, you get gastrointestinal issues, nausea, headaches, and being sweaty, clammy or chilly. Finally, as mentioned earlier in this chapter, rebuilding your gut lining is important, and can be very complementary to a detox.

Is Your Body SecretlySuffering from a Leaky Gut?

i am waiting for your comment. I took HCL for 3 weeks under the direction of a nutritional therapist. I had not been tested for low stomach acid, but she said that other issues I was having could be helped by raising stomach acid. Unfortunately, I began experiencing heartburn only after starting HCL.

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