Combating Acid Reflux May Bring Host of Ills

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Use of this algorithm enables optimal treatment for most patients. LPR treatment and management is supposed to reduce the acidity or stomach contents and neutralize acidopeptidic activity in larynx, pharynx and esophagus. High dosages of PPI (proton pump inhibitors) have shown the best effects in reducing reflux in the course of 24 hours.

While Havast et al[40] in another randomized placebo-control study of lansoprazole (30 mg twice daily) also found no significant benefit from PPI treatment over placebo for composite laryngeal symptoms. Also Steward et al[41] study suggested that lifestyle modification for 2 months with or without proton pump inhibitor therapy, significantly improves reflux related symptoms in patients with chronic laryngo-pharyngitis. Clinical data suggest that the optimal daily dose of PPIs for acute treatment of reflux-related symptoms and mucosal damage is about 30-40 mg. In less severe cases and in maintenance therapy doses of 10-20 mg daily may be sufficient with about 8 weeks of treatment is needed for the heal of erosive esophagitis[19,20].

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GERD is caused by the lower esophageal sphincter dysfunction and the dysfunction of the stomach emptying mechanism. Esophageal mucosa has protective mechanisms against aggressive factors of the stomach content (mucosal barrier) and it remains intact when a physiological reflux occurs, which normally happens at night.

2 Months before I got any reflux symptoms, I had just finished a 60 day course of Doxycycline for a different issue. Ive had that same antibiotic two other times earlier that year, but a shorter course. I believe this antibiotics are the reason for my sudden reflux and stomach issues.

The pH levels aren’t low enough to begin dumping the food into the intestines. If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, it’s likely that you are suffering from low stomach acid levels. These symptoms are good indications that your digestion is suffering. I wish I could point to some conclusive models or studies on what’s happening but I can’t. Unfortunately, all we have to go on are observations and theories.

The pillow has a hole in which one can place their left arm, like putting thread through a needle, so they can sleep comfortably and remain in that position all night. Deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) is licorice with glycyrrhizin (the component that can elevate blood pressure in some individuals) removed. As a chewable tablet before meals, DGL helps reduce acid reflux and indigestion. Along with DGL, I had Sara take a digestive enzyme supplement containing betaine-HCl with her meals to help her gut digest and absorb protein by normalizing stomach acid. Late-night snacking was definitely a primary cause of my personal acid reflux, as was sleeping totally flat (my position of choice).

An herbal approach to treating SIBO

GER disease (GERD) develops when the reflux causes symptoms like heartburn and acid regurgitation. Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) happens when gastric contents pass the upper esophageal sphincter, causing symptoms such as hoarseness, sore throat, coughing, excess throat mucus, and globus.

In the GERD patient, I find no role in my clinical practice for testing. Should testing be needed, active testing with either a stool antigen test or ureal breath test is preferred to serum immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibody testing as the increased sensitivity and specificity of the former outweigh the upfront cost advantages of the latter. Rapid urease testing of gastric biopsies should be performed if the patient is undergoing endoscopy and testing is indicated. I do not advocate routine biopsy of the gastric mucosa when endoscoping a patient with suspected gastroesophageal reflux disease.

HCL with Pepsin

People diagnosed with gastrointestinal issues, especially inflammatory bowel diseases, Celiac Disease or IBS, are at a higher risk of having stomach acid problems. If you’ve made several diet and lifestyle changes and you’re still not seeing the results you want, low stomach acid might be holding you back. While the food is being digested, the larger amount of acid causes the heartburn. The apple cider vinegar is also an acid. Taking a swing of it may seem counterintuitive, but it works for many people.

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If you choose an elimination diet, do so with eyes wide open and read the top 10 elimination diet mistakes first. In this article, I’ll explore 5 hidden causes of heartburn and acid reflux that you may not have considered. Understanding the possible causes gets you closer to finding a solution.

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