Chest Pain During Pregnancy: Causes & Treatment

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Typical culprits include chocolate, fatty foods, spicy foods, acidic foods like citrus fruits and tomato-based items, carbonated beverages, and caffeine. During the third trimester, the growth of your baby can push your stomach out of its normal position, which can lead to heartburn. In addition, as your fetus grows during the third and second trimesters and your uterus expands to accommodate that growth, your stomach is under more pressure. This can also result in food and acid being pushed up into your esophagus back. The first question you may have is how to

It may be necessary to retest patients after treatment to prove that treatment has effectively eradicated the infection, if dyspeptic symptoms persist after treatment particularly. Once testing has been done to an extent that is appropriate for the clinical situation, it is reasonable to first try a therapeutic trial of stomach acid suppression to see if symptoms improve. Such a trial probably should involve a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) for 8 to 12 weeks.

There is no one cause of indigestion in pregnancy – it’s a mix of hormones, your expanding womb pressing on your stomach and relaxing of muscles in the oesophagus which can let acid move back out of the stomach. If these prevention techniques don’t work and you want to try an antacid or an anti-gas medication, speak with your doctor or midwife.

Your health care provider can prescribe the medication that is best for you or help you make a safe choice of over-the-counter remedies. Eat frequent, light meals. The fuller your stomach is, the more pressure on the valve in your esophagus.

Pregnancy Constipation

pylori infection. For more information on H. pylori, see Causes of indigestion.

Your GP will ask about your symptoms and whether anything makes them better or worse (such as alcohol, exercise or certain foods). You might find it helps if you keep a diary before you see your GP. You can use our symptoms and food diary below. Your GP may feel your tummy and ask about your medical history also. You don’t need to see a doctor about occasional indigestion usually.

Moreover, reducing the ingestion of fat might relieve symptoms. A strict low fat diet can be accomplished fairly easily and is worth trying.

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Instead, keep track of your body’s reactions to different foods — meals that give your friend indigestion may sit just fine with you — and avoid foods that cause you problems. When you’re expecting, the hormones coursing through your body make the muscles of the digestive system relax, which slows down digestion. The valve in your esophagus might open or leak, allowing acid from the stomach to flow upward. In addition, as your uterus grows, it pushes against the stomach, increasing pressure on the valve.

The amount of research that has been done with functional disorders is greatest in the esophagus and stomach (for example, non-cardiac chest pain, indigestion), because these organs are easiest to reach and study perhaps. Research into functional disorders affecting the small intestine and colon (IBS) is more difficult to conduct, and there is less agreement among the research studies. This probably is a reflection of the complexity of the activities of the small intestine and colon and the difficulty in studying these activities. Functional diseases of the gallbladder (referred to as biliary dyskinesia), like those of the small colon and intestine, are more difficult to study, and at present they are less well-defined.

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