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I’m able to keep some food and fluids down but I’m still not ready to eat a normal diet. My abdominal pain yet has not subsided, but with the help of Pepto-Bismol that has been helping a little to alleviate the pain.

It’s going on six days now and no signs of it letting up. I’ve never had anything that lasted this long. My husband and son both went to urgent care and both said it was gastroenteritis.

Besides water & ginger ale, I have had chicken noodle soup, jello, salted soda crackers, white bread, two bananas and some melon. Hopefully, I am nearing the final end of my relatively minor flu episode. Except for a few arthroscopic surgeries in the last 10 years, I’ve been very healthy and can’t remember the last time I was sick.

After a visit to children’s hospital we found she had gastroenteritis. . Saturday morning she was back to normal but now my wife has the same thing By..

When I drink juice, water, milk, it doesn’t ‘fill me up’. I’ll keep drinking until I’m water logged with a stomach ache. I’m so confused. Burn away stomach lining or feeling like I’ve been swimming for hours. Since I was about 14 years old, I’ve had acid reflux, (you know, where stomache acid flows freely into your throat, causing pain and suffering) I’ve never really gone to the doctor for it, always ust figured it would away go.

Except for my feet I cannot sweat anymore, but was drenched at the beginning (odd because I have an issue where I sweat easily except for my hands and feet). Feel like I am burning up in the abdomen Still, I try to cool my body down then will get the chills with teeth chattering. I have severe headache and neck pain, cramps, weakness, belching, dizziness, blood pressure is high, now low.

” they say to you in restaurants. If you’re not brave enough to say “tap” then sparkling can seem like a nice change. 2.

My husband had, what we suspect is gastroenteritis, over the weekend. Night with him feeling extremely nauseous It was Saturday/Sunday, to the level that he knew he’s going to vomit.

Eventually, Immodium and Pedialyte did help. I hope you all feel better. I started to get chest pains about a week ago (7/23/16), vomiting started along with diarrhea then.

Three doctor visits, one emergency room visit and I’m still feeling tired with no energy. Food does not appeal to me. I am drinking lots of water, and taking a muscle relaxant for terrible back pain which started three hours after vomiting started. This is awful stomach flu.

I have only been able to get a bit of sleep just, but wake up in pain. When able to watch a bit of TV, can’t watch food scenes.

flat coke for acid reflux

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