Back Pain After Eating: Causes, Treatment, and More

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Other people might actually regurgitate small amounts of undigested food, which can lead to a more persistent unwanted odor. Though headaches, mild or extreme, can be indicative of a number of different health issues, many people who suffer from GERD get frequent migraines or headaches, “Acid reflux may make some patients feel pain in their head or sinuses, either chronically or with sudden shooting pains,” Dr. Shawn Tsuda, tells Bustle. If you find yourself often having headaches but not many other symptoms of acid reflux, it is most likely the case that the headache may be linked to another issue.

By this time, even walking across the room or watching something emotional on TV (like a Hallmark commercial!) would set off symptoms. But almost immediately after my bypass surgery, the bypass grafts began to fail. My chest pain this time felt sharp and pinching as if my clothes were too tight, then it moved up the left side of my neck.

In this article, we describe the causes and prevention of heartburn, as well as remedies that can help. Learn more about heartburn here.

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Last night, she had gone to her weekly soccer game thinking that running around might help, but once there, she spent the entire game on the sidelines. “That’s when I knew I was sick. I always want to play — but I just couldn’t.” This morning her fever reached 104 despite as much ibuprofen as her stomach could manage.

Symptoms The voice on the phone was hoarse with fatigue. “Sharon, I’m really sick. It’s like I have the worst flu ever. My doctor’s out of town. Do you think I ought to go to the E.R.?” Sharon Inouye was immediately concerned. She knew her friend hadn’t been feeling well recently, but this Saturday afternoon she sounded awful. “All right,” she instructed. “Why don’t you go, and I’ll meet you there.” In many ways this was a routine phone call — a sick woman calling a friend for sympathy and advice — but in this case, the patient and the friend were doctors, and the hospital they were heading to was their workplace.

Along with these symptoms, you may also feel very tired, faint, or be sick to your stomach. This severe upset is now in its fourth day.

Get medically checked out if you have that unsettling out-of-the-blue nausea/faintness feeling. Do not engage in physical exertion until cleared that your heart is ok. Later, I felt an odd numbing/tingling sensation move up my arm, which immediately made me worry and was the reason I went to the ER, as I knew this was a classic heart attack symptom. My chest sensations went away after I used my emergency inhaler (for asthma) as I had mistaken the beginnings of the heart attack as an asthma attack. But my back pain fluctuated, and arm tingling did not go away.

6. Shortness of Breath

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In seconds, I was vomiting into the wastebasket. It just continued on and on. Once I stopped vomiting, I started to feel much better.

And Zofran is a live saver if you have a prescription. Pepto-Bismol also helps with the acid reflux of vomiting so much.

By 7pm she was throwing up with low grade fever. After getting sick three times in 2 hours we took her to the ER.

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