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“Discord within the Roosevelt Management over a Policy in the direction of War Criminals”. “Voice, Words, and Literature with the Metal Curtain: Exiles and the (Trans) mission of Radio in the Cold War”. “The Pressure of Shortage: American platinum eagle Policy and the Pat Administration during World Conflict I”. “The Radical New-moon: The United States, the Palestine Liberation Organisation, and the Lebanese Civil War, 1973-1978”.

“Getting the Message Out there: The Poster Boys associated with World War II”. “American Asylum: The United States and the Campaign to Implant the Technical League, 1939-1940”.

Historical Scientific studies inside the Natural Sciences 44, number 5 (November: 470-502. “Domestic Cultural Diplomacy and Soviet State-Sponsored Popular Lifestyle inside the Cold War, 1953-1962”. “The Limits of Effect: British Policy and American Expansion of the War in Korea”.

“Genocide Next Door: Typically the Good Neighbor Policy, the Trujillo Regime, plus the Haitian Massacre of 1937”. The particular Helsinki Conference on Protection and Cooperation in The european countries in U. S.

“Diplomatic History and the Which means of Life: Toward a Global American History”. “The Plan of San Diego and the Mexican-United States War Crisis of 1916: A Reexamination”. “American Problem, Soviet Response: The Starting of the Cold War, February-May, 1946”. “Self-Restraint because Containment: United States’ Economic Policy, Finland, and typically the Soviet Union, 1945-1953”. “The Eisenhower Administration and the Chilly War: Framing American Astronautics to Serve National Security”.

“The Role of Oscar Cox in the Development of the War Asylum Board, 1943-1944”. “‘We Will be Standing By’: Rescue Procedures of the United Says Committee for that Care regarding European Children”. “Formation regarding American Regional Policy for that Middle East, 1950-1952: The Middle East Command Concept as well as Legacy”. “Soviet Involvement in the Korean War: A Fresh View from the Soviet-era Archives”.

“Tools of Empire: Persuasion and the United States’s Modernizing Mission in Southeast Asia”. “Crossing the Color Line in Little Rock: The Eisenhower Administration as well as the Dilemma of Race for U. S.

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“The Bermuda Conference in addition to Anglo-American Aviation Relations in late the Second World War”. “The United States plus Norway, 1905-2006 Allies regarding a Kind: So Comparable, So Different”. “Resistance plus Accommodation: The United Claims and the Nationalism of Jose Figueres 1953-1957”. “The Origins from the CIA and the Non-Strategic Advancement U. H.

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