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Please consider our quarrels carefully – proprietary software program endangers public safety plus public independence from industrial interests. The general public must observe benefit of being kind and gentle people. General public sector should start in order to know about Free Software and its usage. is actually paid for by the people, and so the people ought to be able to advantage from it.

Software developed & applied for/by the public field can simply be maintained efficiently by making use of FLOSS licenses. Zero comments other than typically the obvious: that all public funded software should be open and free since well. The P2P Base says: “Publicly funded software program should be Free Software”.

If public money pays off for software, that software should be public also. Publicly financed software produced for the public field should be publicly available. The tax payers pay out then we all very own it, it should be free and open source software. Schools should use open source software only so that all students possess access to it — even at home. Discussing the result a the particular work paid by public money can make it part regarding the common wealth.

The idea of the collaboration of several cities in software advancement is obvious. It is high time to have an European IT infrastructure and software program stack, including although not limited to operating systems and office suites.

Open computer code will encourage collaboration across public institutions and nations around the world to save money in addition to improve software quality. Publicly funded software has to be able to be Free and Start Source Software. I fully agree with the emotions in this letter, please implement the use of free and open supply code written with general public money. Projects funded by simply public money should constantly be open source in addition to free. This is about transparency, tax money going to benefit all taxes payers + local organizations instead of foreign mega corporations, and security.

Besides being open source, these systems need to always have an open API as well. When it is not made open source it is also possible or likely to ultimately become privately owned.

  • The code writte with the money of all european, must be accesible with all european.
  • I find it important that publicly funded software is also accessible to the public.
  • I signed because I believe free software is better than propietary.
  • Right now there is no excuse regarding using public funds to be able to create non-free software i believe.
  • The foundation of a democracy needs to become the public and commons.
  • Projects funded by simply public money should usually be open source and free.

Like a public employee and sysadmin I’m 100% with the content of this specific open letter. In my opinion within sharing and mutualizing initiatives to bring people collectively and live in a better world. When the commons are funding application development, then the software developed ought to genuinely are part of the commons. I actually should be able to see that the code I spend for does not possess any holes and intrusions built in. avoid that on your home too, to reduce the overall economy of scale, so the particular governments will see fewer reason to go private.

When it is financed simply by public money it need to be free. Open Soucre software may be audited thus checked for tampering, boosts cyber security, transparency, better independence from lobbyists. All software funded by general public funds must be released under a Free Software license.


I’m an everyday Apache user, and having complete Open Source workflow is awesome. FOSS is the way to go if we want to improve society. I think this can benefit everyone and as an individual who want’s in order to become a programmer I really like this idea even a lot more. Open source has worked miracles for everything else, there will be literally not a solitary reason to not available source all of it.

Right now there is no excuse regarding using public funds to create non-free software i believe. Many people can observe the code, so mistakes get found (and fixed) before someone can wrong use them. Proprietary software offers no business in assisting in order to run an open, democratic society. With public methods run as open community projects there will become less waste, better techniques and more transparency.

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