A State of Flux: Helping GERD dental patients

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As your teeth’s protective enamel wears away, you may feel a twinge of pain when you consume hot, cold or sweet food and drink. As more enamel is worn away, teeth become increasingly sensitive.

Many people with excess stomach acid take over-the-counter (OTC) antacids to relieve their symptoms. Consuming baking soda and lemon juice together may also neutralize stomach acid in a similar fashion as an antacid. Stannous fluoride (SnF) has been suggested as a dental erosion-preventive agent. The aim of this single-centre, randomized, double-blind, in situ study was to evaluate the effect of toothpastes with SnF in the prevention of erosive enamel wear. The fluoride in toothpaste and much of our water supply protects us from cavities and decay, but too much fluoride can be a problem, especially for kids.

Consuming a mixture with too much baking soda may cause diarrhea and gas, whereas too much lemon juice could trigger acid reflux and make symptoms worse. Purchasing an antacid at the drug store is often much safer.

Contact Meridian Pediatrics if you have questions about your child’s oral health. How can you better recognize and understand acidic foods and learn how to keep your body’s pH levels neutral? Here is a list of acidic foods and their general level of acidity.

A number of patients say that sucking on breath mints, candies, or lozenges soothes burning in the mouth. Sucking on lozenges can also stimulate saliva production, which helps to fight dry mouth. GERD, or acid reflux disease, is very common among Americans today. Once the outer coating of the teeth (known as enamel) is gone, it’s gone for good, he noted. “The only thing that you can do is wait for it to become bad enough that we have to put a crown, veneer or filling on the tooth,” Leader added.

Diagnosing the cause of erosive tooth wear can help prevent further damage. Patients must be informed about how to prevent GERD.

We could be the first to unravel this condition for our patients or become adjuncts in their maintenance of care. Either scenario will provide enormous relief to those who suffer from GERD and possibly help save tooth enamel in the process. Over several years, I have witnessed two family members suffer from this painful and destructive condition. I’d like to say I was quick to notice all the subtle oral signs and symptoms of their challenges during these trials. Sadly, I did not.

10 Dental Myths, Debunked

Then it takes another three years for teeth to fully mature. If they have been using too much toothpaste during this time, they can develop dental fluorosis and interrupt the development of their enamel. A February 2019 report by the CDC suggests that children are using too much toothpaste when they brush.

It’s never pretty, and my stomach sinks while viewing damaged posterior occlusal surfaces. I would imagine every dental care provider has also observed this described oral condition countless times in their careers. You may even subconsciously begin looking for patterns of bruxism, evaluate for TMJ distress, assess oral malocclusion, or scour tissue for gingival abfractions. The observation of tooth erosion by a dentist may be the first indication of the possibility of acid reflux. Eske, Jamie.

Instead, a person can try using neutral cleansers or chemical peels that contain AHAs, such as glycolic acid. The high acid content of lemon juice can lower the pH level of the skin. Low pH levels may cause skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, and UV light sensitivity. Lemon juice contains citric acid and has a pH of around 3. Adding baking soda to lemon juice will raise the pH to produce a more neutral solution.

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There are some things you can do to protect your teeth if you have GERD, namely manage your GERD symptoms with lifestyle changes and medication. You may need to avoid alcohol, caffeine or heavily acidic or spicy foods, all known to aggravate GERD symptoms.

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